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Dragonboat Rentals

contact the Dragon boat Rep

at dragon@nanaimooceanpaddlingclub.ca

Big Boats

Drop ins are every

Monday and Wednesday evening. For more information contact Commodore at


Small Boats

Come and joiin us for a paddle in a OC--1, OC-2, Surski or a SUP every Saturday morning


9am at Brechin for more  info. contact the Outrigger Rep


The Nanaimo Ocean Paddling Club is a non-profit amateur sport organization that provides entry-level to high performance outrigger canoe training for individuals of all ages and skill levels within the Nanaimo region.

If you are new to the sport and just want to check it out, we have outrigger drop-ins at Brechin Paddling Dock. For more information contact Wolf at commodore@nanaimooceanpaddlingclub.ca.