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Brechin Boat Launch

Brechin Boat Launch

Building paddlers for life since 1988

The Nanaimo Ocean Paddling Club is a non-profit amateur sport organization that provides entry-level to high-performance outrigger canoe training to people of all ages and skill levels within the Nanaimo region.


We believe that recreational and competitive sports are healthy ways of building mature and responsible citizens, developing leadership skills, providing social interaction, and promoting full participation in society.


Our purpose is to provide structured programs, which offer leadership and encouragement in the development of physical and social skills, with the goal of participating in organized competition, as well as providing access to recreational paddling opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels.


To participate in the Canadian Outrigger Racing Association (CORA) activities and to promote and develop all forms of paddle sports, both competitive and recreational.

To organize and sponsor competitions, regattas, and social opportunities consistent with involvement in outrigger paddling.

To instill in our members the values inherent in good sportsmanship and good citizenship and to develop mature and positive self esteem.

The Nanaimo Ocean Paddling Club is a member club of the Canadian Outrigger Racing Association (CORA).  As a member club of this organization, we receive communication and administrative support through their central offices, as well as third party liability insurance coverage for sanctioned activities and events. Our memberships also enable individual members to compete in local, national and international events.

The club is run by an elected volunteer Board of Directors. For more information on how the club operates, visit our page on Board and Governance

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