Brechin Outrigger


Brechin Paddling Dock, Nanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club

The Brechin Paddling Dock is home to NOPC’s outrigger program. Right on the ocean, close to Newcastle and Protection Islands, this is a great community of people where West Coast wildlife and adventure are part of the fun.

Care and Handling of the Outrigger Canoes

The Brechin facility relies on NOPC membership to unload and load various boats to and from the cage and dock. It has been noticed that several of the boats are starting to suffer from this transportation and setup, resulting in damage. As much as possible, all boat maintenance and repair is done by club volunteers, however expenses incurred for boat repair/replacement are also paid by club revenue, such as our membership fees.

Everyone knows that it is the nature of the sport that these boats will always require maintenance and the occasional repair. With a few tips and some effort though, we can keep these boats in tip-top shape for many years, decreasing the costs of repair/replacement and ensuring that boats are readily available for anyone who needs them.

Please handle the boats as gently as you would if they were your own. Some of our members have made short training videos on “best practices” for handling these boats. Please take a moment to watch them:

How to assemble an OC1

How to assemble an OC2

If during the use of a boat, it becomes damaged, please send a message to or make the NOPC board aware of this ASAP so we can ensure the boat is inspected, repaired and back on the water as quickly as possible.



How to Find Us

Brechin Paddling Dock:
1890 Otter Way
Brechin Boat Ramp
Nanaimo, BC

Contact:  Rob Lavoie, Outrigger Rep –

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Canadian Outrigger Association

NOPC members who wish to compete in CORA races, must register with the Canadian Outrigger Association for insurance coverage.